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Eye on Virginia Education (EVE) is a coalition of citizens, parents, teachers and public servants that promotes the accurate teaching of the Constitution and our American Heritage. Its members support legislation to prevent the nationalization of education, to protect student privacy and to remove propaganda from teaching.

Our Action Plan

  • We will share ideas with others across the Commonwealth
  • We will evaluate SOL’s and curriculum materials
  • We will review and propose education legislation


Correct the  norm for teaching materials that misrepresent America's heritage and promote the latest in government control of our lives.
  • For Example, the text Civics Today, Glencoe, McGraw Hill 2003, Chapter 1, Section 1, states "Our government protects our rights and provides us with benefits."
  • In fact, our rights are endowed by the Creator. There is no Constitutional authority for the government to provide benefits.
  • Generally the entire book shows a constant bias toward environmentalism, teaches that Islam is a religion of peace sharing one God with Judeo-Christianity, and overrides states’ rights with federal control.

How to Review a Text

Powerpoint: How to Review a Textbook
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Many thanks to New Renaissance in Education for their help.


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